At the Airport


I am sitting at a laptop station at the San Jose International Airport killing time before my flight to Denver, CO. We arrived at about 6am and I couldn’t help but notice how there are SO many business people this early. Half the area I’m in just cleared out to board a flight to Seattle.

As I watch all the businessmen walk by, I kind of envy them. They look so professional with their suits, laptop cases, bluetooth headsets, iPhones/Blackberries and nice hair. They have very little belongings with them and walk through the airport as if it is their home. They are the quickest ones through the security gate as they know the process inside and out; you will never see a businessman getting searched at security.

Speaking of getting searched, I think this is the first time in like 5 flights that I did NOT get searched! It never fails, I forget to take something out of my bag like lotions, fingernail clippers, scissors, gun… ok, I’ve never brought a gun, but the way the security people treat me, you’d think I did. Sometimes they just search my bag, and sometimes they search my whole body and practically require a strip show out of me. There’s nothing like getting felt up by a big, angry, female security guard. One of the instances was because I forgot to take off my knee brace and I kept setting off the the metal detector. I told them I could remove it and send it through the machine, but NO, they had to search



me from head to toe and put some weird stuff on my brace to make sure it wasn’t really a bomb. As annoying as it was, I found it to be an interesting experience.

Now, I must give yet another little promo for my iPhone 3G. I currently live in a location that will does not have 3G coverage (but I’m moving to Denver next month) and haven’t been able to test the 3G leetness. Now that I’m in San Jose I got to really get a feel for the change in speed. I must say, I am VERY impressed! Although it’s still not quite as fast as WiFi (naturally), there is a HUGE improvement from the EDGE network. Yay for iPhone 3G!!

Well, I am nearing the time for my departure and should start packing up. Wish me luck on finding a place to live in Denver, CO!

  • shannon

    click this link on your laptop and walk away next time you are in an airport…. see what they do to you then!!! lol. I thought this was hilarious.


  • llofte

    lmao. That’s hilarious!

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