DU Hockey Chants


I recently moved to Denver, CO (from CA) to attend the University of Denver (DU) for grad school.  One of the exciting differences about attending DU versus any California university is having a hockey team.  We are not just any hockey team either; we’re a bad ass one.  We’re currently ranked #2 for the season.

So my husband and I are really enjoying going to hockey games.  The student section is very boisterous and shows a lot of team spirit.  I must say, I was shocked at the chants I was hearing and eventually participating in.  Maybe I’ve never heard anything like them because I’ve never really attended college sports.  I was cracking up during the first game I went to.  Anyway, here’s some of our chants:

  • “Let’s go DU! Let’s go!” 3x
  • “(Opposing Goalie’s last name; in a slow antagonizing chant) 3x.  You Suck!” – of course there’s always some drunk guy to add “dick” to the end, or to scream “and your mom’s a whore!”; but those guys are idiots.
  • “It’s all your fault!” (at opposing goalie when DU scores)
  • “F*** (opposing team’s name)” 3x
  • “Bull Sh*t!” 3x (when we get a penalty)
  • “The ref beats his wife!” 3x (when we get a penalty)

Now for the dirty ones. The ones that begin with “Give me a … ” have this yelled by one person before each letter and the rest of the crowd yells that letter back.  It’s annoying to read, so I’m not going to type it all.

  • “Stick it in! Stick it in! Stick it in!”
  • “Give me an S – E – X” – “What’s that spell?” – “SEX!” – “What that mean?” – “SCORE! SCORE! SCORE!”
  • “Give me a C – O – N – D – O – M” – “What’s that spell?” – “CONDOM!” – “What’s that mean?” – “DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE!”
  • “Give me an O – R – G – Y” – “What’s that spell?” – “ORGY!” – “What’s that mean?” – “TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK!”
  • “Give me a “V – I – A – G – R – A” – “What’s that spell?” – “VIAGRA!” – “What’s that mean?” – “KEEP IT UP! KEEP IT UP! KEEP IT UP!”

That’s all I can remember right now.  Hope you got a laugh… sorry if they offended you.


  • Lekiki2

    You forgot the end of game chant: “Give me a C-U-M”- “What’s that spell?” – “CUM” – “What’s that mean?”- “It’s All Over!”

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