I'm a Magnent for Obnoxious Drunkards

DU vs Ohio

DU vs Ohio State

My husband and I attended DU’s hockey games the past two Saturdays.  Both times we have happened to sit in front of the most drunk group of college guys in the entire Magness Arena.

On the 18th, the guys behind us were those obnoxious drunk guys screaming profanities as loud as they could.  You know the type, they’re at every sporting event.  At one point I was very nervous about having 16 ounces of beer poured all over me.  But, although these guys were very drunk and vulgar, they were polite angles compared to the following Saturday’s group of bastards.  At least one of these guys attempted to hold some friendly conversation with Dave and I before telling us that marriage is a terrible thing when finding out we were married.

On the 25th, we sat in front of the biggest assholes in the arena.  One of them was a nominee for homecoming king.  He was actually the “nice” guy.  Ok, so the student section for DU hockey generally stands for the entire game.  Well, at least the front half does.  But this isn’t a rule or requirement; it’s just one of the ways we show team spirit.  Personally, I enjoy a game more if I’m sitting, then stand when the game gets really exciting. Well, Dave and I ended up with some pretty sweet seats three rows behind the glass.  I was pretty happy when the game started and the three rows in front of us didn’t stand up, especially since I was sick.

So the first two periods pass without much over the top mayhem other than the typical obnoxious drunkard behaviour and the occasional fear of having beer spilled on my head.  But since this was homecoming weekend, the end of the 2nd period was when the homecoming king and queen were chosen.  This is when the guys behind us started to evolve into true assholes.  When their friend didn’t win, they started booing the winners and making fun of the guy.  They were saying screaming things like his name wasn’t even a real name and who the hell would vote for him.  I could not believe how rude they were being.  I mean, these are college adults, at least 21 year old, not junior highers.

Ok, now it’s the beginning of the third period and the jerks behind us have had who knows how many beers.  Suddenly, they are very bothered by the front row.  They start yelling at the front row to show enthusiasm and bang on the glass.  At one point they accused the front row of not even paying attention to the game – hmmm, as far as I can tell, the accusers are the ones not paying attention to the game, but on the front row.  This continues for about half the period, before the jerks decide they hate the front three rows because we’re not standing.  The annoying thing about this was that I was actually going to stand soon because the game was tied and we were nearing the end of the game.  I was on the edge of my seat anytime either team was near the goal.  Well, not now.  No way was I going to stand.  I was not going to give the bastards the satisfaction of my standing after they told me too.  I’d rather have beer spilled on my head.

Eventually, two of the guys went and stood in the front row which caused a verbal fight with the girls they stood in front off.   Security came and almost kicked out the two guys for harassment.  Meanwhile, the guys who are still behind us are screaming about their friends having rights, blah blah blah; all of them except Mr. Homecoming Nominee, He was trying to get his friends to shut up.  Of course they ignored him.

If I wasn’t sick and didn’t have a sore throught and a shot voice, I would’ve probably yelled at those boys.  But I just didn’t have it in me.  I just gave them a few dirty looks.  Anyway, I’m done ranting about the drunken idiots.  Let’s just hope we don’t end up sitting in front of “those guys” for Friday’s game.

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