Yay for Christmas


It’s Christmas Eve!

My husband and I started our Christmas shopping on Monday and finished on Tuesday.  This was actually early for us.  We have “traditionally” done all our shopping on Christmas Eve, but because of transportation issues, we did our shopping on Monday and Tuesday.

Today was an interesting day: I woke up a little after 11a feeling the beginnings of a cold.  I farted around for a bit while my dad did some cleaning and my husband played chess on the computer.  When my mom got home from work, all four of us when to the grocery store…. total madness!  My husband needed the ingredients for wassle, I needed the ingredients for gingerbread cookies, and my parents needed various items for Christmas dinner.  I don’t think I ever want to go to Nob Hill on Christmas Eve again.  There’s just way too many people.  Everyone was nice, however, just too many people for my comfort.

When we got home 4 hours later (with a $10 little Christmas tree), we began our Christmas prep.  Hubby started making wassle while my mom started the sauce for lasagna.  I dragged the tree over to the corner and threw the handful of wrapped gifts under it.  Once hubby was out of the kitchen, I started the gingerbread cookies.  My dad was awesome and followed me around cleaning for me as I went.  Even though it made the kitchen very crowded (mom, dad and I), I was extremely grateful for his help.  Everything went a lot smoother and quicker.

Once everyone was out of the kitchen, we started “decorating” the tree.  It’s the cheesiest decorating job we’ve ever done, but it surprisingly doesn’t look that bad.  I’m feeling a lot worse now and my nose/sinuses are killing me.  I kinda have a bit of a “bah humbug” attitude right now because I’m sick.  I just hope and pray I feel better in the morning.

Here’s a cute picture for you though!


left to right: Ruckus, Epsilon, Beast

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