My Dog Poops Diamonds

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My Ring

So I recently got my wedding/engagement rings repaired and buffed. They’re super pretty and my diamond looks extra big now! Yay! Anyway, having been thinking about my ring lately, I remembered an event that happened a little over a year ago and thought it would make a wonderful blog post.

My husband and I lived in Rohnert Park, CA at the time and we were getting ready to drive to Salinas, CA for my uncles wedding re-dedication ceremony thing. It’s about a 3 hour drive and we were planning to stay the weekend with my parents. Well, my two dogs get really excited when we go on trips. They know they’re going when they see me pack their bag. They start running around the apartment playing, growling, howling, and crying. It’s quite a show.

Well, the dogs are always the last to go into the car and at this point Ally, my mini schnauzer, was jumping up all over the place in excitement. She’s like a little kid bouncing up and down yelling “don’t forget about me!”

Back up for a second. I should give you a little info about my ring. It’s a solitaire with a very high setting. There is just about as much space under the diamond as the diamond is tall. It makes for light creating beautiful brilliance, as well as giving plenty of space for things (like teeth) to get under.


Ally - Miniature Schnauzer

As you’ve probably just figured out, during Ally’s episode she jumped up on me and just happened to get her little tooth hooked under my diamond! I immediately looked at my ring then went strait for Ally’s mouth. I pried it open and searched in there for a few minutes with no luck. My husband and I searched the carpet within an 8 foot radius of the incident… still no luck.

We concluded she swallowed it! Wow, first my ring gets destroyed and now I have to search dog poop to get my diamond back! We did figure out a nice clean searching method though.

How to retrieve diamond from dog poop:

  1. Purchase appropriately sized zip-lock bags.
  2. “Wear” zip-lock bag inside out.
  3. Pick up poop.
  4. Zip-lock the poop in.
  5. Smash up poop while it’s in the bag.
  6. If diamond is found, bring it to the top, near seal.
  7. Push the rest of the poop to the bottom of bag.
  8. Rub diamond with bag until as much poop as possible is removed.
  9. Fill a glass with hot water.
  10. Open baggy right above diamond.
  11. Drop diamond into water filled glass.
  12. Let diamond soak.
  13. Throw away poop filled bag.

It took Ally 3 DAYS to finally poop out my diamond! I have never been so excited about dog poop in my life!

In conclusion, 3 days of agony, stress, poop and $200 later. I had a beautiful diamond ring back on my finger and the ability to brag that MY DOG POOPS DIAMONDS!

Does yours?

  • http://audaciousaria.wordpress.com AudaciousAria

    And with that..I am now very aware of my own, high set, diamond ring!!

    3 days?! Whoa.

    Thanks for the giggle šŸ˜‰

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