Please Don't Say That About My Dog


There a some things that people say regarding Epsilon, my Yorkshire terrier, that really piss me off. Here’s the top 3…


Epsilon - Yorkshire Terrier

Look at the little rat! – Excuse me, no! He is not a rat! Just because he’s only 3 pounds doesn’t mean he’s not a dog. If you got to know him you’d realize he has quite the attitude and has the same qualities your “big dog” has. I didn’t call your 100 pound 3rd grader a whale, so don’t call my dog a rat!

My dog could eat him in one bite! – Have you not heard about small dogs being killed by larger dogs? You may not be trying to be insensitive, but you should seriously think before you speak. ESPECIALLY if you KNOW me and that I have had a yorkie killed by another dog. Thanks for reminding me of that absolutely horrific day.

Oh, so you’re one of those (when seeing Epsilon in a sweater) – Yes, actually, I am one of those pet parents who care about the well being of my dog. You see, yorkies have actual hair, not fur. This means that they get cold/hot very easily. Quit being so damn judgemental.

  • Bill Johnson

    People don’t call Yorkies rat dogs just because they’re small. They are colored like rats, they scuttle around like rats, they’re dirty like rats (actually, I think comparing the average rat dog’s cleanliness to a rat’s isn’t fair to the rat), they have beady little rat-eyes . . . I could go on and on.

    I seriously doubt your dog actually needs a sweater. Have you seen any old pictures/illustrations of working Yorkies wearing dumb little sweaters? Even if I’m wrong about that, just leave your damn dog at home for once. Why do people with little fuzzball dogs have to carry them EVERYWHERE?

    Perhaps people would respect you and your rat dog a little bit more if you didn’t refer to yourself as a “pet parent”. You’re not a “pet parent”, you are a (rat) dog owner. Calling yourself a “pet parent” makes normal people think you’re a crazy person who uses your pet as a child substitute!

  • http://llofte.wordpress.com llofte

    I have NEVER seen a rat with the coloring of a yorkie. I grew up with pet rats. I don’t have anything against them. They’re adorable little creatures. But the fact is that a yorkie is NOT a rat, and anyone calling one so is intending for it to be an insult.

    Um, no. My yorkie is not dirty. He gets bathed regularly. He’s quite clean.

    You’re just plain wrong about the sweater. It DOES keep him warm. When I take him outside in the cold (so that he can go to the bathroom, not be be cruel) with a sweater or coat, the part of his body that was covered is SIGNIFICANTLY warmer than the part that wasn’t. He shivers without it. Go ask any vet, they’ll tell you.

    You must not have ever owned a dog. I love my dogs as if they were my kids. Yes, when I have real human kids, I will of course love them more, but I’m not going to ignore my dogs like they are around to just be there. They are family. I don’t care what people think about me for that. All (good) dog owners will say the same thing.

  • http://Theglasshalf-empty.blogspot.com Hannah

    I agree. Small dogs are smartest, and big dogs can be nice, but they’re harder to maintain. I myself hate it when people laugh at my rat terrier because of his name.

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