Well, it has once again been months since my last blog post. However, I’m hoping my lack of activity will change. Yeah yeah, I say that every time.

I’m warning you now, this post will be hella long. But I blog for my enjoyment so I don’t care if you don’t wanna read it 😛

Part of my discouragement from blogging is that every time I logged into WordPress I was told I needed to upgrade. I was using free web hosting for my blog and I had to manually upgrade WordPress because it didn’t support automatic upgrading. Manually upgrading isn’t exactly easy for me. I’ve done it a few times, and each time I was stressed about screwing something up, so I stopped upgrading. But then I’d feel guilty about not upgrading every time I logged into WordPress… pathetic, I know.

Now I have switched to paid hosting with Wired Key and I have been very pleased. They actually found me on Twitter when I mentioned needing a new web host and were very helpful about answering my questions. After signing up, they did all the hard work for me and migrated my blog to their servers for no extra charge. This is something that would’ve taken me half a day to do because I wouldn’t have known what I was doing. They did it for me and my blog is running great! I’ve received reports of it even loading faster. With Wired Key, I have been able to successfully upgrade all my plugins with the “upgrade automatically” link. I love it.

To celebrate a change of hosting, I of course needed to change the look! For those who have actually visited this blog before, how do you like the new look? I think it’s great.

My blog has undergone some changes, but my life will be going through some big changes as well!

The first big change is school… or lack of. On June 4th, I will be graduating from the University of Denver with a Masters of Science in Mathematics. I am stoked! This is definitely a huge change, though, as I have been a student since I was 5 years old! I am hoping to start teaching at colleges in the area shortly after graduation. I decided when I was 19 years old that I wanted to teach math to college students, and 6 years later it’s finally happening! I am extremely excited.

Now for the biggest change. On the morning of Dec 10, 2009, I woke up wanting to take a pregnancy test. I did not have a single pregnancy symptom and wasn’t late or anything, just wanted to test. It was the 3rd month that Dave and I were trying to get pregnant and I had one test left. I debated waiting a few days to test, but decided to go for it. Now the thing was… I actually thought I wasn’t pregnant. It was almost like I wanted to test to get the negative over with. When I had tested previously, I would stare at the stick for 2 minutes hoping and waiting for that second line to appear. This time, since I was expecting a negative, I started brushing my teeth and went in the other room and browsed Facebook for 2 minutes. When I went back to the bathroom to spit, I glanced at the stick and saw two lines!! I almost spit toothpaste all over the place. With toothbrush still in mouth, I went digging through the trash to double check that the directions said that two lines meant pregnant. I even triple checked by reading the Spanish directions. Two lines definitely meant pregnant and there was no denying that there were two lines. I couldn’t believe it!

So now Dave and I are 14 weeks pregnant and preparing for Baby :) We are both very excited and of course a little nervous. I think we’re both more nervous about the actual pregnancy than bringing a tiny new life into the world. I’m so happy we’ve made it to the 2nd trimester and the risk of miscarriage has greatly decreased. I won’t lie, I was both excited and scared showing up for our 8 and 12 week ultrasounds. But both appointments resulted in a healthy baby growing inside me with a strong heartbeat :) During the 12 week ultrasound we got to see Baby move, wave, roll, and kick… it was AMAZING! At only 3 inches long, Baby had the undeniable shape of a human and even noticeable fingers. How anyone could deny life to such a being, I just don’t understand. I love my unborn child more than anything.

We have decided to have the delivery at a local birth center, Mountain Midwifery. We had our first appointment with them today and it was wonderful. We got to hear Baby’s heartbeat again which is at about 150 bpm. The midwife we met with today was extremely nice and I’m so happy to be at a place where I know my birth plan will be respected and I won’t be pressured into drugs or a c-section. My plan is to have a water birth. It seems like the most comfortable way to give birth, I mean, who doesn’t love warm baths?

We plan to move into a house in June so that we have a yard for the dogs and more space for the baby. Pray we find a place we can afford!

It seems as those most people don’t like change. I mean, whenever I think of change, I am reminded about Facebook and how every time they update their layout most users throw a fit and say they hate it without even giving it a chance. I understand that change can be uncomfortable and even scary in some situations, but it’s a shame that more people don’t embrace it. I know I am ecstatic about the changes that will be happening this year. No, it won’t be easy, but it will be wonderful. This year brings the biggest changes I’ve ever had in my life – bring it on!

  • Ally

    I’m so happy for you!! You guys will be great parents. I already sent baby a present! You are going to crack up. :p

  • Mom

    I like the new format, Leanna. I’m glad your blog is going again. I always pop in to see if there is anything new.

    I, too, am so extremely excited about Baby. Baby is already loved by many. I can’t hardly wait to hug and kiss Baby’s tininess.

    I love you. Have fun with your new blogging change. :)

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