Baby at 8 weeks
Here are my previous ultrasounds. The one above is at 8 weeks. I love how perfectly centered Baby is :)

This next one is at 12 weeks.

Baby at 12 weeks

In case it’s hard for you to tell what everything is, I made this nice little diagram to clear it up :)

Baby at 12 weeks diagram

OH! And I almost forgot! During the 8 week ultrasound we saw that Baby is already using an iPhone!

Baby with iPhone B&W

Our next ultrasound is scheduled for March 24th. I will be one day shy of 19 weeks. This will likely be our last ultrasound. This is the one where they do a full anatomy check to make sure everything is developing as it should. We could also learn Baby’s gender, but we’re gonna keep it a secret :) We were originally planning to have the big ultrasound at 20 weeks, but after the whole ER experience, both the ER doctor and our midwife wanted us to get in 4 weeks after that… which is on March 24. I’m really excited for our next ultrasound! Seeing Baby move around and kick is so awesome.

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