Ultrasound – 19 Weeks!


Baby 19 weeks

We had our big ultrasound today! Baby is looking great and is in the 50th percentile for his/her weight :) The pics didn’t come out nearly as good at this doctor’s office as they did with the previous one, but it’s ok… I took video footage this time! First though, let’s look at a couple pics.

The one above is (sort of) a profile shot of Baby’s head. Baby is facing upwards.

This next one is of Baby sucking his/her thumb. This time Baby is facing downwards.

Baby sucking thumb 19 weeks

Next up is Baby waving at us :)

baby waving 19 weeks

And lastly, we see Baby’s adorable little foot!

Baby's foot 19 weeks

And here’s the video! Well, I had to split it up into two videos because YouTube is lame and has a 10 minute limit on video length. So for the first video, I cut out the part where doc is taking the measurements.

This one is of the measurements taking place. It’s not nearly as interesting… borderline boring; unless of course you’re me… because, well this is MY BABY and I love all the video :)

Cute huh? I love my baby!

Well, over the last couple days, I’m really feeling like I can feel Baby sometimes. It’s light and I’m still not absolutely positive that what I’m feeling is Baby, but I’m pretty sure. To have an idea of what I feel, tap yourself lightly on your hand. Not a poke, but a tap. That’s pretty close to what I feel on the inside… like someone is lightly tapping the inside of my tummy. Is that Baby? I think so :) But I can’t wait to feel a good solid kick! Then I’ll be 100% certain that I’m feeling Baby.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Yay for Baby! Tomorrow is officially 19 weeks.

I love Baby!

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