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I absolutely adore taking photos of my dogs. It’s definitely one of my favorite forms of photography. Lately it’s been too cold for me to be motivated enough to go outside to take pics. We also haven’t had much sunlight these days to give me good natural indoor light. I’ve taken some pics using lights from the apartment, but I haven’t mastered the white-balance settings on my camera so the pictures have a yellowy look to them (honetsly, I haven’t tried messing with the white-balance much). Since I wasn’t happy with any of those pics, I didn’t share any of them.

Well, this weekend we had some good sunlight! I didn’t take any outdoor shots, but I did indoors. I had a lot of fun. All of these were taken with my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens. LOVE this lens. I think I was generally shooting at 3.2 and my ISO was up at about 1000 (I’m too lazy to find out exactly). One thing I love about the Nikon D90 is how ISO 1000 is actually a low ISO and there is no sign of graininess!

Ok, here’s my favorites :)

First up we have Epsilon with his ball. I tried to explain to him that it’d be more manly to choose his green ball vs. his pink one for the photos, but he wouldn’t have it. This was the ball of choice.

This is Ally with her all time favorite toy – “The Squirrelly”.

This next one was very difficult to take because Epsilon was NOT happy about having to be so far from his ball. Don’t let his cute face in the background fool you… he was pissed. I’m actually quite proud of him for being obedient and staying.

You have no idea how obsessed this guy is with his balls… not those kind of balls! (He doesn’t even have that kind anyway).

This toy Ally is with is named Todd. It’s a fox and we named him Todd after the fox in The Fox and the Hound. Todd is one of her favorite toys.

See that duck toy? She used to LOVE that toy because it made a quacking sound. But it doesn’t work anymore so she NEVER plays with it. But if I dare put it away, she pulls it back out. I don’t really understand her. She doesn’t even like to play with it, yet it has to be out… weirdo.

Please ignore my messy apartment in the background.

I love tongue shots!

That’s all for today! Hope you liked them! (I added all these photos to the Pets album of my Photography Page).

  • http://www.imuggleproductions.com Ally

    awe! such cute shots. your dogs are opposite of mine. Jack LOVES squeaky toys but hates balls that squeak (odd i know), dexter LOVES tennis balls. He has about 80 billion rolling around at all times, and he loves balls that squeak even more. Jack loves his tiny plush ones!

    Very nice pics. I can’t wait to get my d90.

  • Mom

    These are great pics, Leanna. Silly, Epsilon – wouldn’t go with the manly green. But he doesn’t have to because he’s a tiny baby! And Ally, well, she’s pretty much just always perfect.

  • Mom

    you know what’s funny about this pic? That is a teeny tiny sized tennis ball and yet it doesn’t look all that tiny next to Epsilon. Oh what a Little Man-ney!

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