21 Weeks!


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Today marks 21 weeks of pregnancy! Baby is 10.5 inches long, 12.7 oz, and about the size of a banana! Baby is getting so big! Baby is also kicking quite a bit these days :)

Ok, let’s see what my iPhone app BabyBump has to say about week 21.

Baby – As your baby’s digestive system develops, he will begin to swallow amniotic fluid and absorb small amounts of sugar. However, most of your baby’s nutrients are still delivered from the placenta. Inside your uterus, while there’s still room, your baby is actively moving around, kicking and flipping positions. You may be able to track patterns in his movement.

Body – For many women, this period marks the most comfortable stage of their pregnancy. Your first trimester discomforts have subsided and you’ve grown more accustomed to many of the changes in your body and you’re finally beginning to enjoy that pregnancy “glow” you’ve been hearing about. Other welcome changes by some women are thicker hair, better skin condition, and increased breast size.

Health Tip – Considering breastfeeding? Here are just a few good reasons why breastfeeding is good for your baby, and you. 1. – There is strong evidence that breastfeeding reduces the incidence of diarrhea, lower-respiratory infection, ear infections, urinary tract infections, bacterial meningitis, Crohn’s Disease, colitis and other diseases (American Academy of Pediatrics). 2. – There may be a link to a decreased incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome among breastfed babies. 3. – Numerous benefits to mothers include a reduced risk of ovarian and breast cancers, as well as a lower incidence of hip fractures during the post-menopausal periods. 4. – Nursing helps you shed baby weight faster.

I read somewhere else that what I eat will determine how the amniotic fluid tastes to Baby. I wish there was a way for Baby to tell me if s/he doesn’t like something I eat! But I definitely need to get some more Ben&Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream because I *know* Baby loves it! IT’S FOR BABY!

Oddly enough… the 1st trimester was more comfortable for me because I didn’t have a never-ending cold! Plus, I was blessed to not have morning sickness… so my 1st trimester was pretty smooth :)

As I said before, I can definitely feel Baby moving a lot more these days. I can’t exactly “track movements” though. At the most, I can tell the difference between a kick and general movement. Oh, and I can tell if Baby has decided to use my bladder as a bed.

Yay for breastfeeding! I’m definitely planning to breastfeed. I just pray that my milk doesn’t make Baby sick like my mom’s milk did to me :( I don’t think it will. The doctor’s actually said her milk had too much nutrients. I swear, that would only happen to my mom! I think the only unhealthy thing she had during her pregnancy was Olvatine. That’s just not natural 😛 I’m eating healthier than when I wasn’t pregnant, but I’m by no means eating perfect. I still have pizza, ice cream, chips & salsa, chai… etc. But don’t worry, overall I have a healthy diet. And I make sure to consume more protein, calcium, and water than normal.

Well, yay for 21 weeks! Only 19 more to go!

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