22 Weeks!


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Today marks the 22nd week of pregnancy! Woohoo! Only 18 more weeks to go! Time seems to be going by a lot faster these days :)

This week is a big milestone for Baby because Baby now weighs 1 pound! Baby is getting so big! Baby is also about 11 inches long, so it won’t be long before Baby reaches a foot in length. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Baby is already a foot long. Baby’s fruit comparison for this week is spaghetti squash. Remember when baby was only the size of a poppyseed? Grow Baby grow!

Ok, now let’s see what else BabyBump has to tell us about this week.

Baby – Your baby’s senses are really developing this week. Taste buds are forming and nerve endings are developed enough for your baby to experience the sensation of touch.

Body – Now that your baby bump is showing, you may find that you’re the center of attention and people around you, even strangers, will take liberties to touch your belly. If you’re uncomfortable with all this touch, it’s ok to tell them. Around your belly, buttocks, and hips you may notice tiny red lines or streaks, the beginning stretch marks. As a preventative, some women swear by moisturizers, although medical practitioners will tell you that genetic play a bigger roll.

Health Tip – While saunas and hot tubs may feel soothing to your aching body, be careful not to overheat your body. That means avoiding saunas or hot tubs that are maintained at a temperature greater than your own body temperature. Overheating your body for prolonged periods of time can affect the development of your baby. Check with your medical practitioner for recommendations.

I’m excited for Baby to feel touch. I’m hoping that I’ll soon be able to poke my belly and have Baby kick in return :)

I like verbal attention like “you’re really showing now!” and things like that, but I do not look forward to people randomly touching my belly. Even if I know the person, it’ll bug me. I’m tempted to make a shirt that says “ask before touching”. Asking is totally fine with me and I will say yes, just don’t touch without asking. I already have a plan for uninvited touches – if you reach out and rub my tummy, I will return the favor and rub yours. Not kidding!

So far I have zero signs of stretch marks! Yay! I’ve been using stretch mark tummy rub and oil by Mama Mio ever since I found out I was pregnant. This stuff isn’t cheap, but it’ll be worth every penny in my eyes if it works.

Well, that’s all I got… yay for 22 weeks!

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