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tea & immunity

This post is a day late, but I was exhausted last night and fell asleep before I could write this up :(

We had another midwife appointment yesterday and it went really well. One thing we discussed was the fact that I’ve been sick since my last appointment (actually, I’m finally better now!). My midwife recommend I take some special immunity booster for pregnancy (see pic above), so I’m going to. We’ll see if it works! I also grabbed some more pregnancy tea since I’m almost out. The tea is supposed to help strengthen my uterus. I generally have about 1 cup a day.

We also got to listen to Baby’s heartbeat again which was of course lovely :) Again, Baby’s heartbeat was in the 140s which is great. We also got to hear a few kicks, but I couldn’t feel them. Yay for Baby!

The main thing we talked about is the classes that we’re required to take: childbirth, newborn, and breastfeeding. Our midwifery offers these classes, but we are not required to take them there; we can go anywhere. There is a baby boutique that I really like called Sweet Beginnings and I think I may take a couple classes through them. I’m going to list descriptions and prices here, and maybe you can help me decide! :)

There are many different types of childbirth classes out there (Bradley method, hypnobirthing, etc…) but Dave and I have decided to stick with a more general class. So here are our two options:

Mountain MidwiferyChildbirth Preparation (4 week series, $175)
A time to learn and discuss how to ease late pregnancy discomforts, optimal fetal positioning, the progress of labor, navigating the “what-ifs” of birth, relaxation and comfort measures including our birth tubs, how partners can support mom with a variety of techniques.

Sweet BeginningsChildbirth Education (4 week series, $125)
This class will give you the knowledge you will need to prepare for the choices you’ll be making during your childbirth experience.  This fun and interactive childbirth class that meet for four weeknights is an evidence based curriculum that will cover:

  • Birth philosophies
  • Stages of labor 
  • Comfort measures
  • Medical interventions and pain relief
  • Practical information for your support person
  • Newborn care
  • Brief look at breastfeeding – we recommend that you attend the Breastfeeding Class offered at Sweet Beginnings for a more in-depth experience.
Participants will also receive handouts and the book “Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn” by Simkin, Whalley, and Keppler. This class will provide you with the knowledge to make informed choices for the birth of your baby.

Mountain MidwiferyNewborn care for Parents-to-Be (2 hours, $50)
A big help to new parents, this class covers bathing, dressing and diaper changing and then goes beyond regarding what to expect with the newborn. Includes how to recognize normal and healthy and differentiating it from warning signs in multiple areas of health, including skin tone, cord care, urination, bowel movements and more.

Sweet BeginningsNewborn Care & Early Parenting (2 hours, $40)
Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! This class covers baby basics such as
  • Newborn Appearance
  • Cord Care
  • Pediatricians
  • Holding and soothing your newborn
  • Diapering and Bathing your newborn
  • Feeding and weight recommendations
  • Tips on bonding with baby
Other topics discussed include but are not limited to development and milestones, safety and more!  Come with questions and we will be sure to help answer them for you.

I’m pretty sure I want to take this one from Sweet Beginnings because the lactation consultant and teacher of this class is a friend of Rhonda, my pastor’s wife from California. But here are the descriptions from both places anyway.

Mountain MidwiferyBreastfeeding for Parents-to-Be (2 hours, $50)
Chock full of helpful tips and techniques for latching, positioning and more. Discusses the value of breastfeeding for the health of baby and mom and the economic benefits for the family. Dads or partners are strongly encouraged to attend.

Sweet BeginningsBreastfeeding Essentials (1 hour, $50)
This class is designed for pre-birth education.  This class will be kept small, to allow for individual attention and education. Couples are encouraged to attend.  Please bring a Doll/ Teddy Bear to practice with.  Why take a class?  Breastfeeding is natural- right?  Babies know what they need, but how they get it is generally a learned skill for the nursing couple (Mom and Baby).
Are you a WHY person?  Used to knowing just what to do?  Are you wanting to be prepared and confident with this new skill of breastfeeding?  You are in the right place!!  This class will give you practical methods that are easy to learn. For a great start to breastfeeding, enjoy this simple, practical, fun, and evidence-based one hour class and learn all about breastfeeding.  This highly interactive class will give you down to earth information, from an experienced Mom, and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with over 7000+ hours of practical hands-on experience.
Class Topics Include:
  • First steps to breastfeeding success
  • The first month of breastfeeding
  • Preventing problems
  • Maintaining a milk supply
  • Optional Supplies, Equipment and Resources
Sweet Beginnings definitely does a better job at advertising their classes, that’s for sure. But what do you think? Does any one class seem better at one place or the other?

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