25 Weeks!


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One week down, only 15 to go! Can you believe that? Only 15 more weeks! Well, I’m thinking more like 12 weeks :)

So Baby is now about 13.5 inches long, 1.5 pounds, and the size of a rutabaga! Wait… what’s a rutabaga? Seriously, I have no idea. Here’s a picture I found; thanks to Google.


Well thank goodness Baby doesn’t LOOK like a rutabaga! Well, this doesn’t really help me get the feel for the size of a rutabaga… oh well. I’ll look for one the next time I’m at Safeway.

Ok, let’s see what else BabyBump has to say.

Baby – Your baby’s body parts are continuing to become more proportional to each other. Baby fat is also continuing to fill in your baby’s wrinkled skin for a smoother look and more hair is growing, developing texture and color.

Body – Now roughly the size of a soccer ball, your uterus is halfway between your sternum and your bellybutton. All this growing might cause your stretched out skin to feel itchy in places. Try to relieve the itching with lotions and moisturizers. On the flip side, you’re probably still enjoying the fullness of your hair, actually caused by your hormones decreasing the shedding process. Unfortunately, this extra hair won’t last after you’ve given birth.

Health Tip – Many pregnant women are concerned about household cleaners, insecticides, and chemicals. Always check with your doctor for his or her recommendations before using any chemicals.

Glad to hear that Baby should be fattening up :) Although, I don’t think Baby needs anymore muscles! I’ve received many painful powerful kicks already! I’m just kidding… well, about Baby not needing muscles, not about the kicks! I really like feeling Baby though. It’s such a nice reassurance that everything is going well. I will admit that it’s often times uncomfortable though. And it never fails that Baby doesn’t like the way I lay when I go to bed. That’s when I get the more painful kicks. Everyone says that sleeping your left side is the “best”, but Baby generally hates it. Luckily, being on my back isn’t uncomfortable yet.

My uterus is only the size of a soccer ball? Dave refers to it more like a basketball :) My belly is definitely hardening up too. My belly does itch a little sometimes too, but not too bad yet. I have my oil and belly butter routine every morning, so that probably helps.

I haven’t really noticed much with my hair because I keep it short. My nails grow super fast though. I think if I stare at them, I may actually be able to watch them grow. Seriously, I’m clipping my nails like once a week.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say! Here’s to another good week!

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