Midwife Appointment – 25 Weeks


We had another midwife appointment today. It went very well and actually very quickly.

I thought I would be taking the glucose test today, but I was wrong. Instead, they gave me the grape juice that I’ll need to drink and directions for the test at my next appointment. I will have to fast after midnight the day of the test and drink the juice quickly about an hour before my appointment. Then they’ll draw my blood to see how my body reacts to the sugar. Like I said last week, I’m expecting to “pass” this test, so I’m not worried about it.

We also talked about how Baby has been moving around so much. She said this time in the pregnancy is when I will feel the most movements because Baby is big enough to feel, but small enough to have room to move. As space gets a little more tight, I can expect movements to be less frequent.

The midwife also let me know that I may start feeling contractions and not to panic if I do. There is no reason to be alarmed unless the contractions have regularity and I have 4 or more in an hour. I haven’t felt any contractions yet, and I’m not counting down the days until I do! Early contractions aren’t supposed to be as painful as labor contractions, but still… I’ll be perfectly content if I don’t get them! :)

We measured my fundal height for the first time this week. This is the measurement from the top of my pubic bone to the top of my uterus. The midwife was nervous to measure me this early because it’s common to measure “ahead” and then moms start to freak out that they’re going to deliver a giant baby. Ha! The normal measurement progression would be to be as many centimeters long as I am weeks. Well, I measured at 26 cm, so that’s good! She said she was expecting 27. So as of now, I don’t think I’m having ginorma-baby. But we’ll see how that changes as the due date gets closer.

Lastly, we listened to Baby’s heartbeat. It was LOUD! As I was laying down, the midwife pointed out that the right side of my belly was slightly higher than the left and said that meant we’d probably find the heartbeat on the right. Sure enough, we could hear Baby the instant should put the doppler to my belly. No chasing required. It sounded just like it always does, but then the midwife says “we can probably get it better”. She moves about an inch and sure enough, Baby’s heartbeat gets much louder. It was pretty cool. Baby’s heartbeat was about 140 bpm, like always!

Well, that pretty much covers the appointment. Our next appointment will be in 3 weeks and then I’ll be back on a 4 week rotation. This one and the next were only 3 weeks because I was on off the “normal” cycle by two weeks and they wanted me to match up with the regular schedule.

Yay for Baby!

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