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31 weeks 2

OH MY GOODNESS!! It’s been over a month since my last update! I’m sorry :( Life got pretty busy, but I’m back now! My regular weekly posts we return and I also have some other topics to write about, like why we’re cloth diapers and choosing a midwife.

Anyway, I’m 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant! Woohoo! (I think I use too many parentheses when I write for my pregnancy blog…) Only 60 days until Baby’s due date… less than 9 weeks! It seems so soon. I’m getting excited.

Oh, this is a sunday stats post, isn’t it? Ok, stats for today!

Weight: 139.5 pounds
Waist: 39.5”

So in four weeks I have gained 4.5 pounds and grown 1.5 inches. I am glad to have slowed down my weight gain. Even my midwife said during my last appointment that she would prefer if I didn’t gain more than 10 more pounds (this was 3 weeks ago). That would mean I should gain less than a pound a week. Even though I’ve gained a little more than a pound per week over the last 4 weeks, I think I’ve only gained about a pound in the last 2 weeks, so that’s good. I’ve been trying to walk everyday (my gym membership is expired now that I graduated) and been more careful about what (and how much) I eat. I know I was eating way more than necessary, so I’ve cut that back and I think it’s helping. Don’t worry, I’m not starving Baby… not even close! I’m just frequently hungry and was usually eating too much each time I was hungry. Now I just eat until I’m not hungry anymore, instead of when I’m full. I have gained a total of 29.5 pounds. Ideally, I wouldn’t gain more than 35 pounds; but since I was on the lower end of my BMI category, as long as I stay under 40 pounds of weight gain, I should be fine.

My total waist growth is 13.5 inches! WOW! I am definitely feeling huge these days and can’t believe that I still have 2 more months of growing to do. I’m gonna be huge!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today! Next midwife appointment is on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more pregnancy posts. I promise to write more! And here’s another belly pic for you :)

31 weeks 1

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