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Only 12 more days until due date! …and it’s not soon enough! I’m SO ready to pop this kid out already. The house is ready, all of Baby’s stuff is washed, diaper bag is packed, car seat is installed, insurance company is called, and we think we’ve decided on pediatric care. Now we just need Baby in our arms!

So, it’s been awhile since I posted (what’s new), so I’m gonna discuss quite a bit in this post – each of which I wish I could’ve made a separate post.

Let me complain a bit – I have PUPPS

First off… I admit that I am one of the women that do not particularly enjoy the end of pregnancy. A big part of it probably has to do with the fact that it’s in the 90s every day right now in Denver. I’ve already decided that we’re having our next Baby in March or April 😛 So bear with me while I complain for a moment.

Feet. I have sausage feet. They’re ugly and I don’t like not having ankles. It’s not super severe, thank God, but it’s definitely uncomfortable. For some reason, my right foot is always worse than my left. It looks like have stubby little toes… but really, I have long skinny toes. Not. Fun.

Comfort is not something that currently exists in my life. It doesn’t matter how I sit or lay, I’m in constant discomfort. Getting off the couch and especially out of bed is a struggle. Picking something up off the floor? Forget it! Poor Epsilon doesn’t understand why I can’t pick up his toys and play with him. I’d sit on the floor with him… but that requires that I get UP at some point.

I know what you’re thinking – “Leanna, these are all normal symptoms that pregnant women must deal with. Suck it up.” Well, I’ve recently had a new condition added to the list… PUPPP. What is PUPPP? PUPPP stands for Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy. Um… what? It’s basically a rash that no one knows the cause of. It itches like hell and continues to spread until the baby is born, as delivering the baby is the only way to get rid of it. Luckily, I don’t have a severe case. I started developing the rash on the front of my lower belly about 2 weeks ago and it’s slowly spread. I now have a couple patches on each leg and on my feet. My midwife noticed it last week and said it was good chance it was PUPPP, and at yesterday’s appointment confirmed that it is. I’ve been taking a liver strengthening supplement 3 times a day for the past week and will continue to do so until Baby is born. The midwife said that some speculate the liver is somehow related to PUPPP, particularly with trying to fighting it off. I’m also lucky for it to not be unbearable… yet. Most of the time I can put the itching at the back of my mind and not think about it. But once or twice a day it gets intolerable and I MUST scratch which I’m sure doesn’t help with the spreading. It’s spreading much slower than it does for a lot of woman and I’m super grateful for that. I attribute that to the liver supplement. Oh… and no, I will not post a picture – it’s hideous.

One interesting fact about PUPPP – 70% of women who develop it give birth to boys. Hmmmm… bah, I still think I’m having a girl 😛 Also, only about 1% of pregnant women get PUPPP… lucky me.

Ok, I’m done complaining.


We’ve been having a lot of classes lately. We took a breastfeeding class from Susan Sullivan at Sweet Beginnings and it went great. She gave us all the benefits of breastfeeding and told us that doctors that turn it to a science and say that the baby must feed every x number of hours for x amount of time are crazy 😛 Every baby is different and we should allow Baby to eat as much as s/he wants as often as s/he wants. She also showed me great ways to hold the baby for feeding, especially at first when we’re both learning. She explained that breastfeeding should never be painful, and if it is, it’s because Baby doesn’t have good latch, so she gave some techniques to ensure that Baby always gets a good latch. In addition to other things and a giant packet of info, we also picked out a breast pump. I had originally thought I was going to get a Medela because it seems to be agreed to be the best, but Susan told us about Hygeia. It was invented by the same guy who invented Medela, but it’s “green”. Meaning it can be reused by another mother provided that she purchase her own accessory kit. Dave and I like this idea and since Susan spoke so highly of it, we’re gonna get it.

We’ve also been taking childbirth classes. We were in a 4 week series, but unfortunately missed the last two classes. Dave’s mom recently passed away and we needed to be in CA when those classes were held. The first two classes were about birth in general and the stages of labor. They were very informative and we learned a lot. Because we missed the last two classes, the midwifery had us attend a class last night that was actually a “refresher course” for non-first-time moms. It was the only class that was going to work since we’re so close to Baby’s arrival and they said that a lot of the information is the same. Most of the first half of the class was review of what we covered in our previous classes, but the last half was hands on and pretty cool. We went upstairs to the birthing rooms and practiced various labor coping techniques. This part was mostly for the guys so that they learn how to be good partners. We practiced various positions to help with progressing labor and the pain. We practiced breathing by putting ice on our wrists and breathing through it for 60-90 seconds. Try it… ice on your wrist for that long doesn’t feel good. Obviously, it’s no where near as bad as a contraction, but it’s something. We also got to go rummaging through the birthing center so we know everything that they have and where it is. They have a nicely stocked fridge which is great :)

Yesterday morning we had the “36 week class” (another class we had to reschedule) where we talked about logistics (paper work, waivers, etc…), what happens if we need to be transferred to the hospital, what to do in the event of a quick delivery where Dave has to deliver the Baby, and what normally happens when delivering at the midwifery and the procedures involved.

We have only one more class – Newborn Care. We are scheduled to take it on the 12th. Again, we were supposed to take it sooner, but had to reschedule. If we end up having the baby before the class, then we’ll be refunded for our money and they’ll make sure that we get filled in on all the important information while still at the birthing center and provide us with a lot of handouts and such. They won’t send us home blindly.


During our breastfeeding class, Susan recommended a group of pediatricians called Partners in Pediatrics. I’ve checked out their website and I think I’ll like it there. I have an appointment scheduled the day before Baby’s due date to meet a doctor and learn about their practice (it’s free). We kinda procrastinated on this one, but I like what I’ve read. They have a middle of the ground philosophy when it comes to pediatric care. They are all trained in the conventional practices, but don’t agree that they are all best and incorporate holistic health care as well. Dave and I really like this as we’ve always been of the same mindset. They also believe it is extremely important for parents to be complete informed about vaccines and provide ample information and respect whatever choice you make about vaccines. They have parents who chose the traditional schedule, a modified scheduled, and no vaccines. They are in favor of vaccines, though. Check out their website and let me know what you think!


So, for today’s stats…

Weight: 147 pounds
Waist: 43 inches

Wow… my belly is freaking huge! And even since taking the pictures featured in this post, my belly is lower! I really hope to start feeling some contractions soon! Let’s do this!

38 weeks 9099

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  • Nette

    Thought I would look back to see where you will be headed with your latest pregnancy, but all the pics seem to have disappeared.  You aware of this?

  • llofte

    Yeah. These are my old posts from my first pregnancy and when moving hosts, I made an error that deleted all my photos :( I haven’t had a chance to add them all back yet. 

  • Nette

    Agree “:(“.  :o( 

    All ;O) aside, hopefully (a word no longer banned by the AP Styleguide) you’ll find the time to repost.  If not for posterity, then to make comparisons possible between your 1st and 2nd pregnancies.

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