Lila photo roundup


I’ve been primarily only sharing photos on Facebook, but I have friends and family who aren’t on Facebook and would love to see pics of my baby girl. I’ll be posting pics here much more often now, but I want to show some past photos that didn’t make it to the blog.


Only a few hours old at the midwifery.

1 day old.

Little foot at 2 days old.

2 days old.

8 days old.

Many faces at 9 days old.

Next 4 are at 2 weeks old.

16 days old.

Next 4 are at 3 weeks old.

Next two are at 4 weeks old.

And these last three are at 6 weeks old.

Isn’t she adorable? :)

  • Mom

    yes yes yes. She is absolutely adorable! Oh how I love that baby girl. I never saw the 4 week old ones before, so yay – I got new ones. :o) Love you guys.

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