Long couple days


Well, after a good stretch of a lot of sleep, we had a couple hard days.

Two nights ago was terrible. Lila was fussy all night long. I was going to try letting her sleep in her bassinet again, but that wasn’t going to happen since she never entered a state of deep sleep. She was fussy all night long. Sometimes she would nurse and calm down, sometimes she wouldn’t. She wasn’t screaming all night, but very wiggly and whiny. Any moment of sleep she did get, was lying on my chest. Needless to say, I got a couple hours of scattered sleep at most.

I was glad it was at least a Saturday night / Sunday morning, because then I could catch up on sleep on Sunday. Usually when Lila is up all night, she will spend much of the next day sleeping. Not this time. She was up and fussy all day. Most of it was because she was overtired, but the longest we could get her to sleep at once would be for about 30 minutes. She nursed pretty much all day.

Last night wasn’t so bad. Not as good as normal, but she did sleep fairly well. And when she would wake up, she would quickly and easily start nursing so that I could fall back asleep. There were a couple times I woke up and she was already nursing. She’s getting better at latching on on her own in the middle of the night. This is great news for me :)

The lack of sleep caught up with me though and now I’m sick :( Lila seems to be doing better now and has been sleeping much of the morning. I think I may actually be able to catch up on some sleep after I’m done teaching for the day. I just hope Lila doesn’t get sick now.

  • Mom

    :o( if she doesn’t get sick, sometimes just a few stubborn days making her be in the bassinet works and then she’s used to it. Kind of like breaking a pacifier habit. good luck.

  • llofte

    I want to have her sleep in it until she wakes up, then bring her in bed. She’s a very long nurser, so I don’t want to have to stay awake while she eats in the middle of the night every night. Eventually, she won’t wake up in the middle of the night and sleep in it the whole night.

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