8 weeks! (photos)


My baby girl is 8 weeks old today! How did that happen?! In celebration, Lila and I went to the park and we took some pics :) Enjoy!

  • Big Ricky

    Oh my goodness Leanna! It’s ridiculous how cute she is. I love her sooooo much. There is no baby on this earth that is as beautiful as she is.

  • Jim Tidwell

    She is a real cutie…must be in her genes (and David has something to do with it too, I’m sure…LOL)!

  • kathy marks

    wow! she has really blossomed in the last few weeks!! And, boy, does she LOVE her Mama!!

  • Rhonda

    You need to have a lot more babies! Beautiful little lady!

  • Mom

    I just can’t stand it, she is so adorable. I long to hold her sweetness and kiss that tiny cheek. These are great pictures of the two of you. You look fantastic, Leanna. Thanks for the updated pics. I love you both with every speck of my heart. See ya soon. Kisses, Mom

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