Bath Day


Lila gets one bath a week – on the weekends. I usually bathe her in the kitchen sink, but today I decided to try taking a bath with her. She loved it! Well, she was actually angry at first so I let her nurse for about 2 minutes and then she was fine. She’s the perfect size so that if she sits on my stomach, the water goes to right below the top of her shoulders. At one point, she slammed her hand down into the water and made a big splash that got all over her face. She got really startled and it looked like she was gonna cry, but then she realized she was ok and smiled :) It was adorable.

The bath was great, and about 30 seconds after I told Dave I was ready for him to get her towel and take her from me… she pooped! I got her out of the water pretty quick and gave her a good rinse and then I had to take another shower, lol. Oh well. I guess I’d rather her poop in the tub than in her towel.

Here’s some more pics of after her bath :)

I love her little faces!

I couldn’t decide which I liked more, the back of her head, or her little feet. So I went with both! And the fluffy butt is adorable in both pics :)

  • Mom

    She sure a cute little pooper!

  • Auntie Steph

    I love the pics!!! Shes so adorable! Especially the back of her little wild fuzzy head!

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