12 weeks old = poop celebration!


My baby girl is 12 weeks old today! WOW! That went by really fast. I wish I had time to get some good pics of her today, but I don’t. I’m still writing a final exam for calculus 1. Well, Lila decided to celebrate her big day by getting poop everywhere!

During one of her diaper changes, Lila pooped on the changing table. I cleaned her up and left her diaper-less while I picked her up to put a clean receiving blanket under her. Bad. Idea. I picked her up with my hand under her belly and her butt facing toward the dresser – within seconds there was a blast, seriously, a BLAST of poop flying out of her butt. It got all over the front of the dresser and on the carpet. Her butt? Oh, it was PERFECTLY clean. I’m serious. There was not a drop of poop on her. It was unbelievable.

Having grown up with dogs and owning my own for over 4 years, I can confidently say that I am a master at getting poop out of carpet. So I whipped out the Nature’s Miracle while Lila laid on the clean receiving blanket next to me. As you can tell from the above picture, she found the whole ordeal to be rather amusing.

  • Mom

    Hehehe! That’s Grammy’s little pooper girl! It must run in the family, because you pooped all over my face, neck and all in my hair.

  • nic

    Of course it was amusing! She was perfectly clean!! Silly Mama. She was just cleaning her out before Brad and Nic came to visit. Just like Brad cleaned himself out before Nic came to visit… until they got married. Muahahah!

    Love you baby girl!! <3

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