The impossible has happened


Lila fell asleep by herself.

By. Herself.

Before today, Lila has only fallen asleep while in her swing or in someone’s arms.

I knew Lila was getting tired, so I wrapped her in a blanket so I could set her in her bassinet after she fell asleep. I put her down in the pack-n-play when she was still awake to deal with the laundry. When I was done, I could tell her eyes were super heavy, but she wasn’t upset, so I left her. 10 minutes later she was asleep! Amazing!

But. I should’ve put her in the co-sleeper for bed! I turned off all the lights and transferred her to the co-sleeper. She woke up… but fell back asleep! Double amazing!

We’ll see how long she lasts…

  • Mom

    Thats great Leanna. Now is your opportunity. Do it again for her nap times. If she fusses, just put your hand on her leg or head or something so she knows you are there, but don’t pick her ip. You can comfort her without holding her and this will make it so she can continue to fall asleep in the co-sleeper or pack n play. I’m happy this time has come because once she has it down, it will make things easier on you and Dave. Love you all.

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