Lila is a movie star!


Lila was selected to be in an informative documentary style video about cloth diapers and the shooting took place today! The video is being put on by Kanga Care, the company who makes Rump•a•rooz® cloth diapers, and Shari Criso, a certified nurse midwife and lactation consultant who offers her experience and advice through her books, dvd’s, and web show.

Lila did GREAT! So great, that Shari and Julie, the owner of Kanga Care, commented that she was the best baby yet! Considering that Lila was the 2nd to last baby to be filmed, that’s saying something! Most babies were filmed for one segment, but since Lila is so wonderful, they used her for two :)

What came as a surprise to me, was that they also interviewed the moms. I was excited but upset that I didn’t have make-up with me! During my interview, Lila was standing on my lap smiling at the camera crew. So it doesn’t even matter that I didn’t look my best, no one will be looking at me :)

I’ll let you know when the video is out!

  • Auntie Steph

    I am so excited to see it!!!

  • Mom

    She’s always such a cute smiling baby. I’m looking forward to see her in h debut. :)

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