First time in “big kid” stroller


So, we use a BOB stroller and until today, we’ve only used it in combination with our infant car seat. Well, I went on a walk with Lila and puppies today and decided to let her sit in the “big kid” seat. She fit great! BOB says you can use it as early as 6 weeks, but she seemed way too little then. When she was awake, I had her upright – then reclined it when she fell asleep.

Here’s some more pics!

The stroller has ruined Epsilon. He’s too lazy to walk now. Total brat.

About halfway through our walk, I realized I had Lila way over bundled and took off her big coat. Don’t let the snow fool you, it was actually a very warm day today. This is her happy self at the end of the walk <3

  • Ricklanim

    She is wonderful. So cute in the coat and then the microtones vest. Little outdoorsy Colorado Girl! And yes, Epsilon is a brat!

  • Kathy Marks

    I love it!! she is so expressive!!

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