Justin Bieber can help you learn math?


I teach a Geometry class consisting of six 8th grade girls and one 6th grade boy.

Well, today we were learning about ratios and proportions and we did a problem where you had to determine the ratio of the width of a poster to it’s height. So, I of course drew a picture of a poster and to make it a little more interesting, drew a picture of a stick figure on it. Well, after giving my little stick GIRL some hair, my girls started yelling that it was Justin Bieber. Um. Ok. I guess this a Justin Bieber poster then. I then had to complete it with pink hearts. (I converted the photo to black & white).

I’m pretty sure this poster was the highlight of the class. Good times. Well, one of my students promptly pulled out her Blackberry (and I’m a bad teacher for allowing her to do so) to take a picture of Mr. Bieber and was informed that she would email it to me and I must put it on my blog.

Gotta love those little stalkers! :)

  • Ricklanim

    Cute. It is kind of funny. Justin T. was the heartthrob when you were young and now there is another Justin. Golly, what’s with girls and the name Justin!?! :)

  • http://twitter.com/SeB_or_Sam Sam Beckett

    That’s a pretty sweet little story. It’s good when teachers can work with kids like this- it shows that you’re listening to each other and having some fun :)

  • Anonymous

    :) Yeah, my kids are great. Lucky for me, they’re fun – and lucky for them, I try not to be boring :)

  • julie

    i think justin bieber is good with what he does helping families i cant stop thinking how good he is to so many people even putting up websites to help people with learning it is just so nice of him to do something like that for people

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