Breastfeeding in public


Breastfeeding in public has quite a history. Luckily, there are now laws to protect breastfeeding mothers and their right to feed their children wherever they have a right to be. Out of curiosity, I asked my twitter friends their opinion on breastfeeding in public. Specifically, I sent out this tweet:

Breastfeeding in public – what are your thoughts? And I mean tasteful, no boobs flying around. I dont understand why some are bothered by it.

Here are the responses:

  • You eat in public, right? You don’t have to go off into a bathroom or anything. Why shouldn’t your baby get to eat in public, too?
  • I think it’s fine if you’re descreet about it. a blanket covering everything is fine.
  • benefit to the child outweighs anything anyone else thinks. My wife doesn’t have a problem with feeding in public.
  • there is nothing wrong with it babies need the best nourishment and it is right there.
  • don’t see why b/f’ing in public should be a problem. It’s 100% natural and when done subtly you’d never know!
  • shouldnt bother people, its a natural process!
  • I think you have to use common sense and good taste.
  • my wife was never shy about it. Cover up with a blanket but even that was more for the baby than anyone else.
  • love it ! I think it’s only normal to do so when u have a baby !
  • nursed my kids everywhere and anytime w/o a problem. It’s ridiculous for anyone to have a problem with a mom feeding her baby.
  • baby needs to eat right. Nothing wrong with that.
  • I think it is totally acceptable, and anytime I see someone freaking out about it, it really makes me upset… It’s nature people!
  • there is nothing wrong with breast feeding in public. I’d thought things would be better by now. Same issues in 2000 with my baby
  • LOL! “Boobs flying around” made me laugh so hard.There’s nothing wrong with public breastfeeding if covered. Baby’s gotta eat too!

I had only one somewhat negative response. Here’s the dialogue:

user: for me, its unappetizing. Makes me queasy. So its a no go in restaraunts

me: lmao really?

user: yeah. No joke. Gross.

me: that is so funny to me. So just knowing that a baby is breastfeeding while at a restaurant grosses you out?

user: not the act of breastfeeding itself. The thought of breast milk shooting out of a nipple is cringe inducing

Now, I know some may be offended by that user’s response, but I personally found it hilarious. At least he was honest about it. He did later contact me to clarify that he is in no way against women breastfeeding in public and believes all women should have the right to do so.

And now for two last funny, but possibly offensive (not to me) responses:

  • I say bring on the babies. Breastfeeding means possible boob exposure and if you don’t like that, yr not AMERICAN
  • Personally, I’m offended when women DON’T breastfeed in public. I saw a woman today with a baby and I almost stopped her to ask WTF she was doing in public with no fun bags out. It was just rude of her.


Ok, ok. Focus. My main reason for writing about this is because I know that there are a LOT of women out there who are terrified of nursing their babies in pubic because they feel judged or indecent. If you are one of those women, I hope seeing the responses I received will help ease your anxiety about it.

I used to use a nursing cover, but that just got too inconvenient. For me, the trick is in layers. I wear a tank top that can easily be pulled down to feed Lila. But then I have on another shirt on top that works as a cover because I lift that one. See the picture above? If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was just cuddling a baby. There have been MULTIPLE times when someone has peeked over my shoulder trying to get a look at Lila’s face while she was breastfeeding because they had no idea that I was even feeding her.

Luckily, I haven’t been given any flak for nursing Lila in public, but if someone does in the future, you bet I’ll put up a fight and defend myself.

  • Ricklanim

    Yep. I agree. Lila is hungry, Lila eats. End of story. :)

  • Jim Tidwell

    Working at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, I see mothers nursing their babies almost every day! Most mothers do use a cover…a few moms don’t. Either way, I applaud Disney management for not saying anything (that I’m aware of) to these nursing mothers. I assume if someone was brazen enough to fully expose her breast to feed her child, Security would escort her and her child to Baby Care Services near First Aid to continue feeding in an indoor/controlled environment away from gawkers, pervs and prudes! I personally have no issues with moms breastfeeding their babies in public…as far as I’m concerned, as long as it’s discrete, no business should ever interfere between a mother and her nursing child.

  • mrsFAB

    As long as everything is covered up. Not a big deal to me. I could never do that though. But that’s just me.

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