Lila’s first night in her crib


Last night was Lila’s first night sleeping in her crib. Until now, she’s been in our room.

Quick history on her sleep routine. When she was first born, Lila was strictly in bed with us. Then for the last couple months, we’ve had her start the night in the co-sleeper bassinet that is right up against my side of the bed, and when she wakes up, I bring her to bed so I can nurse her back to sleep. When she was younger, she slept best right up against me. In fact, when I got up in the mornings to go to work, Dave would quickly scoot up against her to prevent her from waking up. This has recently changed. Now she doesn’t want anyone touching her; she sleeps best when I give her her own space on the bed. It makes me kinda sad because I loved cuddling with her :( Regardless, this was my cue that Lila is ready to move to her own crib.

I’m off all next week, so we decided now would be a good time to move her to her room because we were expecting many sleepless nights of her waking up crying. Ha! Not quite.

She’s been napping in her crib for about a month now, so she’s already familiar with it as a sleeping place. Well, I put Lila down for bed at like 11:30 (we’re also working on getting her to bed earlier). She woke up crying at about 3:00. The plan was for Dave to get up the first time she woke up so that she can learn that she doesn’t need to nurse back to sleep, and if I’m the one to get her, that’s what she’ll expect. Well, Dave took too long to go get her, so she was super upset and he unable to successfully console her. So I took over and nursed her back to sleep. About 45 minutes later, she woke up crying again. This time, Dave got up quick and was able to rock her back to sleep.

She woke up happy and ready for her day at about 7:15. She gave a few mini cries at first, but then started talking to herself and playing. She did this until 8:30! I’m very impressed with how the first night went. Hopefully, she’ll sleep longer and longer each night. I’m optimistic!

My baby girl is growing up.

  • Ricklanim

    Sweet blog entry. Oh the sweetness of babyhood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/niccox Nicole Cox

    Sounds like you’ve recognized the queues perfectly, and should have a smooth transition! Nice work Mama!

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