Photography: Brenda & Kevin


I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot my friends Kevin and Brenda yesterday. Kevin is in the Air Force and will be finished this week, so they wanted to get some shots of them in his uniform before it got packed away. He has been stationed here in Colorado, and he and Brenda will be moving back to California this weekend.

I must say I’m kinda disappointed with myself. When Brenda asked if it would be too dark at 5p, I said no… but I was wrong. I was struggling with low light and fighting slow shutter speeds the entire time. I shot RAW and tried to compensate by underexposing the shots a little to fix later, but I still didn’t get as crisp of shots as I would’ve liked. I applied an aged filter to many of the photos because I think it makes them look less fuzzy, lol. I also think it looks great with Kevin’s uniform.

Since the pictures are much smaller here on my blog than their original size, you can hardly even tell what I’m complaining about 😛

Regardless, these two are such a beautiful pair and they’re expecting a baby girl in July who will be simply gorgeous! Congrats guys!

Thanks, Kevin, for serving our country.

I like this one because Brenda was harassing Kevin to smile and he’s like “I am!”, looks at me and says “right? Tell her I’m smiling.”

Look at that stud.

By the time we got to this fence, I had lost so much light and I had to crank up the ISO to like 2000.

  • Ricklanim

    These are very nice, Leanna. Bummer you had the lighting issues but it seems like you did a good job compensating for it. And yes, they are beautiful people. Inside and out.

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