Falling asleep on her own


It all started a couple weeks ago.

I got up and fed Lila before heading to work. When I left, Dave joined Lila on the floor of her room and they both fell asleep on the floor. We expected this to be a random fluke, but the next day, I left Lila in her crib (awake) when I went to work. When I came home, Dave told me that she fell back asleep in her crib and had just woken back up. This has been happening almost every day since. It’s amazing! It’s especially amazing on weekends when she wakes up, I feed her, put her back in her crib, and she goes back to sleep for a couple hours and I get to sleep in!

This has only been a morning thing though. Bedtime wasn’t showing any signs of her falling asleep on her own any time soon… except for tonight.

She fell asleep by herself tonight!

It wasn’t easy. Well, actually, yes it was. I first nursed her to sleep. Then she woke up 45 minutes later because she pooped. So I changed her diaper and calmed her down after her screaming fit. Then I attempted to nurse her back to sleep. This led nowhere so I let her play in her exersaucer for a bit. Then Dave tried to rock her to sleep and this too was proving to be lost cause. So he put her in her crib to give her some more time to tire herself out. She didn’t cry or get upset and just did a little talking here and there and then fell asleep!

I can’t believe it. There’s a good chance tonight is a fluke, but it’s a step in the right direction!

  • Ricklanim

    because she pooped… She’s such a cute little pooper.

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