Lila goes to the beach!


Even though she lives in Colorado, Lila is a California baby at heart! She had her first trip to the beach yesterday and she loved it! We went to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove and she had a blast playing in the sand. Of course, she tried to eat it a few times, but not constantly. She was mostly interested in how it felt. She was adorable :)

She wore little sunglasses the whole time. My mom put them on her and we thought I was going to have to be quick with the pictures, expecting her to immediately take them off. Nope! She didn’t care one bit that she had them on! It wasn’t until she was in the car seat and on the way home that she took them off. Same with the hat – she was happy to leave it on. This makes me excited that she lets me accessorize her :)

After her little photo shoot, Lila had Grammy join her for some shots.

Lila was refusing to look at the camera…

Her foot was much more interesting!

Then it was time to get a few pics with Mommy! :)

Then it was time for a diaper and outfit change for the ride home… and one last shot.

I seriously have the cutest most precious baby girl in the world <3

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    i agree on the last sentence!

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