I think Lila is a lefty


For months now I have been thinking that Lila is left-handed. Even when she was first learning to reach up at toys hanging above her head, she would usually reach with her left hand first.

We’ve started letting Lila (attempt to) feed herself cheerios and I noticed today that she picks up the cheerio with her left hand every single time. Once, she transferred the cheerio to her right hand, but put it back in her left before trying to feed herself. (She’s still figuring out that she needs to let go of the cheerio in order for it to stay in her mouth).

Another thing that makes me think she’s left-handed is that she likes to have something in her hand as she crawls around doing things. Which hand is the item usually in? Yep, her left.

So yeah, I think Lila is a lefty like her Uncle Will and Uncle Ricky.

Here’s a few more pics :)

Ok, these next two don’t demonstrate left-handedness, but they’re too adorable to not include :)

  • Ricklanim

    So glad you included those last two. :) A lefty like her Uncles, huh? Sounds like she is in good company.

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