Lila Pic of the Day #109


UPDATE: The votes are in and the 5th photo is the winner! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Ok. I couldn’t decide which photo to choose as the Lila Pic of the Day, so I’m going to leave it up to a vote! As much as I love them, I don’t want to choose one of the pics with the flower off her head. The idea behind these photos is that she’s my pretty little flower :) <3

Which photo should be the 109th Lila Pic of the Day?

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(PS I hate how this poll looks but don’t have time to fight with it right now)

I took these at a bad time of day, but didn’t want to wait til later when the light was better because I didn’t want her to get cold. I edited the harsh shadows the best I could, but now that I’ve looked them over, I think I should’ve angled her towards camera-left a little so that her face was completely shaded.

Ok, ok. Here’s the pics. Please vote and leave a comment telling me which one you voted for and why! Thanks! :)

  • LeAnne

    I’m so in love with her tongue! lol! its so silly and cute!

  • Anonymous

    Lol me too!

  • Coffeegrower

    I chose #1 because of the outright joy on her face, and the way she’s gesturing with her “branch”. Sweet pics!

  • Ricklanim
    1. To go with your theme, she looks like a delicate flower shat is closing up for the evening and will reemerge with the morning sun. The stillness of the photo is what sold me.
  • Grampsy

    I chose #5, but #4 is a close second. I love the little habit of the tongue out at the corner of her mouth. It will always remind me of this brief stage of her life. In this photo her hands appear to be at rest in her lap making it apparent that she is totally content to be sitting in a planter. I love it.

  • Grammy

    I’m second guessing my vote. I really like 5 also. I like the hand in; more like the stem of the flower as opposed to arms out. And at least in 5 you can see her sweet face and her ever so adorable tongue act. Bottom line is I lve them all, but 4 and 5 are my favorites. :)

  • Kathy Marks

    I voted for photo #5 because of her expression and the fact that she has her tongue out ~ that looks cute! it looks like she sort of “belongs” in the flower pot! She sure is gettin’ big! and cuter by the day! Great job with the pictures, Leanna!

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