Lila is like a puppy


  • She travels on all fours
  • She chews on anything she can get ahold of
  • She tries to wedge herself through the gate the second it’s opened
  • She ‘runs away’ (laughing) when she gets something she knows she shouldn’t have
  • She’s not potty trained
  • She fetches after a ball, but doesn’t understand the concept of bringing it back
  • She pants when excited
  • She’s always hungry
  • She’s mischievous
  • She pouts when told ‘no’
  • She’s adorable

Yep, Lila is just like a puppy.

Oh, did I mention she even likes dog bones?

At least she’s learning how to share!

  • http://about.me/maxaudet Max Audet

     So funny!!

  • Ricklanim


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