Lila’s 9 month check-up


Lila had her 9 month check-up yesterday. She’s dropped even lower in the percentiles. Here’s her stats:

  • Weight: 15 pounds, 10 ounces – 10th percentile
  • Height: 26.75 inches – 20th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 17.5 inces – 65th percentile

Even though Lila has dropped down to the 10th percentile (from 25th) for weight, the doctor said he isn’t concerned. She is a very active baby and also very happy and healthy. He did recommend we start giving her 3 meals (solids) a day instead of 2, which we were going to start doing next week anyway. If she continues to drop off the charts, a failure-to-thrive evaluation will be done, but Doc said he’s not expecting us to reach that point. He also said that often times nothing is found to be wrong when they do the full evaluation anyway. Some babies are just little. He even pointed to us and was like “you guys aren’t exactly big, so there is a really good chance that this is just in her genes.”

I’m a big advocate for the “look at the baby” mentality, and when I look at Lila, she looks very healthy. She’s not starving; she’s not super skinny (she has a belly!); she’s extremely happy; she’s above the charts in development. If she was “failing to thrive”, she would be getting sick all the time and wouldn’t be at the verge of walking.

I’m just so glad we have a pediatrician that has similar views.

Speaking of walking, Doc said that she’ll likely be walking in the next month or so and the fact that she has a massive head may have slowed her down because she’s top heavy. LOL!

Lila was also tested for anemia and it was negative. Woohoo!

Everything else the doctor checked out was perfect and Lila is perfectly healthy :)

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