Lila takes her first steps!


Lila took her first steps tonight!

Of course I missed them.

All three of us were in the kitchen getting ready for dinner and Lila was standing at one of the table chairs near the backdoor. I needed to go outside to hang something on the clothesline, so I walked through the door. Seconds after the door closes I hear Dave yelling “HUN!” because she was walking after me towards the door. I turned around just after she fell to the floor :(

After eating dinner, I was able to coax her to walk to me two more times :)

The first time, she was standing at Dave while he was sitting in my computer chair and I was on the couch. Once she was facing away from Dave and towards me, Dave backed off to “trick” her into standing on her own. As soon as she realized this, she took about 3 steps towards me and fell. We started cheering and she was sooo proud of herself :)

The next time, she was standing at the coffee table and I was a few feet away. She almost didn’t do it, but then accidentally let go of the table in her excitement, realized she was ok standing by herself, and took a few steps into my arms. Again, she was soo proud!

Yay! I didn’t get any photos or video. Hopefully soon. Speaking of photos… I’ve got some Lila Pic of the Days to post…

How long before she running?

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