Lila Pic of the Day #184


My sleeping little angel.

Lila didn’t really nap today. I knew she’d end up going to bed early because of that, but I wasn’t expecting this early! I was planning to nurse her, let her play for about 30 minutes, get her ready for bed, let her nurse one last time, then put her to bed. Well she fell asleep during the first nursing.

Since she was out, I put her down on the pillow (yes, it’s a dog pillow, don’t judge) with the hope that she wouldn’t wake up so that I could get these pics. She briefly opened her eyes, rolled over, luckily pointed her face toward the light, and went right back to sleep. It was so precious and I’m so glad I got these pics.

But I felt so bad.

Had I known she was going to fall asleep, I would’ve got her ready for bed before nursing her. She had already been in this diaper for a few hours, so I had to change her before putting her to bed. This of course woke her up and I felt bad :(

It only took a couple minutes for her to pass out again though. So that’s good.

Here’s a couple I took earlier in the day.

Lila says “thank you” to her ‘first cousin once removed’ Jenna for picking out this pretty dress for her :)

  • Ricklanim

    Sweet sleeping beauty. Love her.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop staring at that pic. It’s going on my wall.

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