Lila goes to the lake!


Our little family, including the puppies, has ventured to California to visit family. As part of our vacation, we went to my parents’ houseboat on Lake Oroville. This was Lila’s first trip to the lake and she had a grand ol’ time!

She was very cute in her little bathing suit and board shorts!

She went kayaking with Grammy.

She also went inner-tubing with Grammy.

And with Mommy too!

She was also very proud of her Hyperlite vest.

She enjoyed some laughs over breakfast with the family.

And had a blast playing on the shore!

Oh! And we can’t forget that she was actually the Captain of the houseboat!

  • http://www.funys.net Ben Gillam

    She’s adorable :) – Cant believe how quick shes growing up, remember listening to the tipb podcasts leading up to her birth, doesn’t seem that long ago.

    You’re an awsome photographer too by the way :)

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe she’s almost a year old! Thanks :)

  • Grampsy

    Great Pictures Leanna. I need to get one or two framed so I can hang them on the houseboat.

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