Happy Birthday Lila! (video)


Today was Lila’s 1st birthday! I can’t believe it’s already been a year!

Unfortunately, we were both a little sick :( We wanted to invite some friends over, but I got really sick in the beginning of the week and Lila has had a mild cold (just a runny nose).

Even still, we took Lila to the mall so that she could play in the kid area – she had a blast! Most of the kids were bigger than her and running around, but she had no fear! She charged right into the middle of everything and wanted to climb the structures like the big kids.

Here’s a little video of my monkey.

The above photo was taken during Lila’s 1st birthday party that we had for her in CA. And here’s a video of her eating her birthday cupcake :) It was her first taste of sugar!

What a fun year it’s been.

  • Ricklanim

    It has been fun year is right. Absolutely amazing.

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