Moving back to California! Soon-ish.


We’re moving back to California!

We’re just not exactly sure when.

Dave has decided that he wants to be done with school, which means we have no reason to be in Denver anymore. I won’t get into the details behind his decision because I don’t want to speak for him, but this will be his last quarter at DU. He literally just made this decision in the last week, so it’s only right for him to attend for the fall quarter because he has been given a TA assignment.

So, theoretically, we could move to CA in December after classes are finished at Red Rocks Community College (where Dave and I are both teaching for the fall semester). Great, right? Well, there a few reasons why I’m hesitant to move that soon:

  • DU has offered me the opportunity to teach Calculus II during the winter quarter. Not only am I super excited about it because it is my favorite of the calculus series, but this is a really great opportunity for me and will be awesome to add to my resume and curriculum vitae. I’ll likely not have another opportunity to teach calculus until I land a full time position somewhere – let alone Calculus II.

  • RRCC has asked me to teach an online class during the spring semester. Yet another thing I’m excited about. I feel so honored to be asked to teach this course, because, generally, only full-time instructors teach online courses. So, again, this will be great experience and look good to future employers.

  • Money. It costs a lot of money to move halfway across the country. I do think we could scrape up the cash to make the move, but it’s still something for us to consider. In addition to just moving expenses, we have to think about a deposit on a new place as well. But like I said, I do think we can pull it off.

So there’s a lot for us to think about. There is also the issue of jobs, but between Hartnell, MPC, CSUMB, Cabrillo, and Gavilan, I think Dave and I can find jobs that’ll pay the bills.

Dave said he’s open to either decision, so it’s mainly me who’s torn. On one hand, I want to stay because of the job opportunities, and on the other hand, I really want to be back in California. In the grand scheme of things, moving six months later isn’t really that much later, right? Ahh!

Well, in the meantime, I am revising my resume and working on my cover letters to send out to the above mentioned schools. We’ll likely make a decision in the next few weeks.

So, we’re either moving in December or June. I am very excited!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Leanna!

  • Anonymous

    Come on down!

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