Cali bound in December


Well, after much thinking, Dave and I have decided that we’ll be making the big move to California in December. It was a hard decision and I admit to be panicked about finances, but it’s been made.

We’ve informed DU and RRCC that we’ll be moving so that they don’t include us in their plans for the winter/spring, and I have sent applications to Hartnell, MPC, and CSUMB. Dave will send his applications to the same schools probably tomorrow. He’ll also be applying for a math job with the Navy. Pray that we get some jobs!

See ya in December!

  • Ricklanim

    I will be praying to God about the jobs and praising the Lord about the move. And look at how happy Lila is about the beach! :) She was born in CO but that is a California girl.

  • Grampsy

    I am so excited about this. I can hardly wait. I love you all so much and this makes me so happy.

  • K8silveira

    Can you put in a good word for mike at those places as well :-)


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