Lila Pic of the Week #1


Here’s the first Lila Pic of the Week!

These photos were taken today in our front yard and driveway. My rule is that the Lila Pic of the Weeks must be taken sometime during each Mon-Sun week, so I won’t necessarily always take them on Sundays. I may wait to post them on Sundays, however, because there may be weeks where we have more than one session and I want to make sure the best of any given week is what gets chosen.

In one of the pics, you’ll see that she is stepping off a little curb. Right before this, she successfully stepped down an even larger step. Today was the first time she did that :)

I almost edited out the dirt on her face, but I left it because I thought it added to the photo :)

  • Travis McGuire

    I have some of the most adorable nieces in the world and Lila gives them a serious run for ther money. She is a cutie. :)

  • Anonymous

    haha! Thanks! :)

  • Ricklanim

    Wonderful pics! Love!

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