Where are the fishes? (video)


While eating dinner, tonight, Dave casually mentioned something about Lila eating fishes. He was talking to me, not Lila, and it was said in the middle of a sentence. But Lila sure as heck pick-ed it up and immediately pointed to the box of gold fish sitting on the counter!

We messed with her during the rest of dinner by saying “fishes” or “fish” in the middle of sentences and also asking Lila where the fishes were. Without fail, she’d point to the box and we’d all start cheering.

For awhile now, we’ve been able to ask her “Where’s Ally?” and she’d point to Ally. I kinda of captured that in the video, too.

My baby is so smart :)


  • Ricklanim

    She needs to learn Epsilon’s names. At least Kid and Epsi. :)

  • Anonymous

    She correctly pointed to “kid” last night :)

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