Lila’s going to be a big sister!



Yippee yay!

We just found out, today, and we’re almost 4 weeks along. Baby’s due date is July 19, about 1 month before Lila’s 2nd birthday!

So, we’re still very much in the early stages of pregnancy and despite the risks involved with every pregnancy, we still wanted to tell everyone :) Ok, I wanted to tell everyone and Dave is kind enough to go along with it. Many people wait until at least 10 weeks or all the way until the 2nd trimester to announce their pregnancy, but I can’t do it. I’m too excited and can’t keep a secret that big for that long. It’s weird, I can keep other people’s secrets without a problem, but my own? No way.

Now here’s to hoping that, just like when I was pregnant with Lila, I don’t have any morning sickness…


  • Kritter217

    Congrats! My daughter was born on July 19 and this year she will be turning Sweet Sixteen. Enjoy it all!

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