Potty training has officially begun!



Lila pooped in her little potty for the first time today!

happy dance

Lila has known for a long time now that “potty” means to sit on her little potty. Recently, I’ve been having her sit on her potty without a diaper on a couple times a day. Normally it doesn’t last longer than a minute. She does, however, always ask for toilet paper so that she can “wipe”!

Today, we read like four books while she was butt naked sitting on her potty. Sure enough, when she needed to poop, she readjusted herself and pooped in the potty! I called Dave over and we practically threw her a party with all the cheering we did. She was a littler nervous, but in the end pretty happy with the whole ordeal.

I’m now going to make this a new routine when I get home for work to have her sit on the potty for as long as I can every afternoon and hope for the best!

Woohoo! Go Lila!

  • Mike

    I love this photo with Lila on her potty! She is so cute!

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