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So I randomly passed out on the couch today for like 2 hours even though I shouldn’t have been tired. And when Lila woke up me up stealing my blanket, I was pretty annoyed. Once I fully woke up, I was like “hmmm, that’s weird” and even though I’m technically not late, yet, I was suspicious of my behavior and decided to take a pregnancy test.

POSITIVE! And not just “barely positive” but “holy crap that is an extremely positive pregnancy test” positive!

happy dance

Instead of coming up with some clever way to tell Dave, I just told him to pause his video game and stuck the pee stick on his desk :)

It’s been just over 5 months since the miscarriage, so I’m excited that we made it within the 6 months your most likely to have a healthy pregnancy following a miscarriage.

With the last pregnancy, my pregnancy test was not nearly as dark as this one, but with Lila, it looked exactly like this one. Actually maybe it was even a little lighter. So this is extra promising to me. For those who don’t know how pregnancy tests work, the strength of the line typically reflects how much of the pregnancy hormone is present. The farther along in your pregnancy you are, the more of the hormone there is. So, even though a light line is still a positive result, it just means that the hormone was barely detected. Since the line on my test is very dark, it means that even though I’m less than 4 weeks along, there is a strong presence of the hormone. Which is great!

Am I nervous? Absolutely. And some people probably think I’m crazy for announcing so early, again. “Didn’t she learn her lesson last time?” Nope. It’s all part of the journey. I know I still have a risk for miscarriage, just like everyone who is pregnant does, but I’m still very excited and want to share my excitement with everyone. I’d rather tell everyone that we’re pregnant and, if we miscarry, have to tell everyone the sad news, than to hide it like it’s some embarrassing secret. I am very blessed with family and friends who are extremely supportive. (This is nothing against those who wait until they are further along in their pregnancy to announce the news. Everyone is different. This is how I prefer to do things :) I’m very private in many ways, but also very public in others.)

So on or around January 17, 2013, the world better be prepared for another awesome little Lofte! Lila is going to be such a great big sister. I know it :)

On another note. Yes, I know I’m behind on Lila Pics of the Week. I’ve been taking the photos, just haven’t had time to edit and post them. Soon.

  • http://www.technocove.com/ AlienSix

    Grats Grats Grats Grats!!!! Im happy for you. You needed this little pick up. I wish you the best of luck with this pregnancy.

  • llofte


  • http://www.technocove.com/ AlienSix

    You are most welcome :)

  • Grammy

    Over the top excited! Grammy and Grampsy love doubled!!! Yay!!

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