Baby Girl’s announcement photo that could’ve been


So my big plan after finding out that Baby was a girl was to do a mini photo shoot of Lila to use for the big announcement. Well, Lila wanted nothing to do with it! She’s usually fairly cooperative with photos, but she was in dire need of a nap and would have nothing to do with the cute setup I created above. We even paid 6 bucks to get into the park where this photo was taken!

The “plan” was to have Lila standing behind the sign with her signature little grin on her face.

Here’s the closest I got to that photo… her stealing the balloons!

I decided to give up and let Lila sleep on the 1.5 hr drive home, hoping that she’d be in a better mood when we got home. Well, that may have worked, except that she refused to nap! No, I take that back, she fell asleep when we were about 10 minutes from home. Sigh.

So this is the result of my attempt after we got home…

…le sigh.

Well, just thought some of you might get a kick out of all this. So although I’m very happy with the photo of me that I ended up using for the announcement, the plan was to use my much more adorable daughter for the big reveal.

Oh well!

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