Lila’s first night in her new bed


First of all, Happy Birthday to my Lila! She turned two last Sunday. Crazy, I know. Well, her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy was her very first bed! Again, crazy, I know.

We went shopping for most of the day, yesterday, and Lila actually really enjoyed it. At every stop she’d say “bed” and start smiling. After driving around all over the place, we ended up going with the first one we saw — of course. It’s a bunk bed set that turns into two twins. We have it set up as one twin right now and will set it up as a bunk bed when the girls are ready for it — many years from now.

Side note: many of you know I wanted a bunk bed set from Pottery Barn Kids that was like $1300 and we were probably going to get it. But when I called, they said we’d have to pay for shipping, delivery, and setup even if we had it shipped to the store and picked it up and set it up ourselves. This was going to add almost another $500. Total ripoff. So we went with the one we got for under $300 :)

Anyway, I was very nervous about this whole transition into a bed thing. Lila is not a child who stays put, anywhere, so I was predicting that it would be quite a battle to actually get her to stay in bed. Boy am I glad I was wrong!

When it was time for bed, she of course threw a fit and wouldn’t even lay down. So Dave left, turned off the light, and closed the door while I stayed with her. And to to “force” her to lay down for only about 10 seconds before she relaxed. She was still crying, but laying next to me. After a couple minutes she stopped crying and just laid there. She wasn’t falling asleep, but wasn’t complaining.

After a few minutes of this, I tried to get up and leave, but she immediately started crying. I couldn’t say no to that sad little face, so I got back in bed with her. After about a total of 25 minutes (from when Dave left the room), Lila still wasn’t sleeping, but it was also clear that she wasn’t going to sleep with me there. So I tried to leave again. This time, she just looked up at me and didn’t cry. So I told her “Mommy is gonna leave now”, kissed her on the forehead, and left. I didn’t hear another peep from her.

That was easy!! If all I have to do is lay down with her for a half hour every night until she gets used to her bed, I consider myself lucky. I was expecting a constant battle of putting her back to bed. This was only the first night, so we’ll see how tonight goes, but so far so good!

And, I kinda lied when I said I didn’t hear another peep. At about 12:30a, I heard a cry from her room. It was one quick cry, so I didn’t think much of it as it’s normal for her to wake up for a moment, cry for 2 seconds, then fall back asleep. I considered getting up and checking on her, but I also didn’t want to risk waking her up. Since she wasn’t crying, I figured all was well.

Well, I slept like crap for the next 5 hours. I was worried about her getting up, falling out of bed, getting scared, etc. We installed a motion sensor at her door that sets off an alarm in our room if she walks through her door, and I lined up the floor next to her bed with pillows, but I still wasn’t sleeping good. At 5a, I finally decided to just get up and check on her.

She was laying on the floor :(

So my guess is that cry I heard at 12:30a was her falling out of bed. Clearly, she wasn’t hurt because she didn’t even really wake up, and I’m sure the pillows made it not too bad, but I just felt so bad. Mainly because she was probably sleeping on the floor for over 4 hours without blankets. So I put her back to bed, she briefly woke up, but went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until almost 10a.

Despite her ending up on the floor, I consider the first night a huge success. We going to buy her a bedrail today…

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