My name is Leanna Lofte. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and dog owner. I reside in beautiful Monterey County in California.

I married my wonderful husband, Dave, on September 17, 2005 on the Monterey State Beach in Monterey, CA. A year later, we began our studies in mathematics at Sonoma State University then journeyed together to Denver, CO for graduate school. We are parents to our two beautiful girls, Lila and Lucy, and two puppies Ally and Epsilon. Dave is my best friend and I’ve enjoyed every moment of our life together.

I graduated with an MS in Mathematics from the University of Denver (DU) in June 2010. I spent a few years teaching at community colleges. I loved teaching mathematics. The greatest thing ever is to witness the moment when a student “gets it”, or as one of my professor’s called it, the “ah ha!” moment. The student doesn’t probably realize how, in that moment, their eyes get an extra sparkle and their whole demeanor changes. It is these moments that fuel my passion to teach. And it’s only natural for me to teach mathematics as I find the material to be quite beautiful.

I also love Apple products; I’ve owned every generation iPhone and iPad and been using a MacBook for many years. I was the App & Photography Editor for iMore for many years, but have moved on to new adventures in the tech industry.

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