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Happy Anniversary, My Love!

Happy Anniversary, My Love! Happy Anniversary, Dave! Six years! What have they looked like? A wedding on Monterey State Beach followed by a year of living in the tiniest apartment in Marina Making ends meet with you working construction and me at Starbucks. Two female rats, one of which ended up being male. Three baby rats later, you allow me neuter the male so we can keep both parents and one baby. World of Warcraft A move...

Who turned on the heater?

Who turned on the heater? Something very strange happened last night. The heater turned on. By itself. At like 4 in the morning, I woke up and heard the heater going. So I woke Dave up and asked him why he turned on the heater. I mean, it’s starting to cool down these days, but not enough to justify using the heater. His response? “I didn’t.” Well, I sure didn’t turn it on. WTF? I was too tired...

Cali bound in December

Cali bound in December Well, after much thinking, Dave and I have decided that we’ll be making the big move to California in December. It was a hard decision and I admit to be panicked about finances, but it’s been made. We’ve informed DU and RRCC that we’ll be moving so that they don’t include us in their plans for the winter/spring, and I have sent applications to Hartnell, MPC, and CSUMB. Dave...

Moving back to California! Soon-ish.

Moving back to California! Soon-ish. We’re moving back to California! We’re just not exactly sure when. Dave has decided that he wants to be done with school, which means we have no reason to be in Denver anymore. I won’t get into the details behind his decision because I don’t want to speak for him, but this will be his last quarter at DU. He literally just made this decision in the last week, so it’s only...


Behind. Well, I went and let myself get behind on Lila Pic of the Days. I was out of my routine while in CA, and there were several days that I didn’t take a pic. Horrible, I know. You’d think I’d be taking more pics. Sigh Well, I’m going to “make-up” the pics so that there is still a total of 365 photos in the series. I’m almost caught up and should be by tomorrow....

My Birthday

My Birthday My birthday was on Friday and it was a great day! We went out to Breakfast on Broadway for breakfast, relaxed at home, and went to a cuban restaurant, Cuba Cuba, for dinner. It was super yummy! I also had Dave take a couple pics of Lila and me Oh, that awesome dress I’m wearing? Yeah, that’s one of the two cute summer dresses that Dave got me for my birthday He did great! Thanks again,...

Epsi found a new mode of transportation

Epsi found a new mode of transportation This pic is awesome on so many levels. The first being the obvious – Epsilon standing on Dave. What kills me though, is his face and demeanor. He is not only 100% trusting in Dave, but he likes it! Such a little freak dog. I also love the fact that Dave is doing a /facepalm. Hilarious. Lastly, I love the tiny little hand you can see grabbing Dave’s hoodie I love my family...

For the first time since Lila’s birth…

For the first time since Lila’s birth… …I am caught up on laundry! That table used to be overflowing with clean clothes. Happy Dance

Breastfeeding in public

Breastfeeding in public Breastfeeding in public has quite a history. Luckily, there are now laws to protect breastfeeding mothers and their right to feed their children wherever they have a right to be. Out of curiosity, I asked my twitter friends their opinion on breastfeeding in public. Specifically, I sent out this tweet: Breastfeeding in public – what are your thoughts? And I mean tasteful, no boobs flying around....

Justin Bieber can help you learn math?

Justin Bieber can help you learn math? I teach a Geometry class consisting of six 8th grade girls and one 6th grade boy. Well, today we were learning about ratios and proportions and we did a problem where you had to determine the ratio of the width of a poster to it’s height. So, I of course drew a picture of a poster and to make it a little more interesting, drew a picture of a stick figure on it. Well, after giving my little stick...

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